About us


All of Italy in your hands

Old Bridge is an Italian Tour Operator and Travel Agency, specialized in exclusive travels options, especially in the Venice area. It is a branch of the Veneto Marketing Company and it handles all travel needs through its professional team, offering customized meaningful experiences to its customers.

We are deeply linked to the territory with the purpose of creating luxury tourist packages. Every service and request is accurately created on the basis of the specific wishes of our guests.

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An exclusive business network

Our goal is to launch business occasions with interesting countries with the aim to attract resources and to develop our country. We believe in the Veneto region’s development and in its potential to attract both visitors and investments.

We can propose everything from specific and exclusive business trips, to memorable dinners, a variety of fabulous events in beautiful locations and great holidays. We can satisfy all customers’ desires giving to them the chance to experience the great potential of an area full of art and history, stunning landscapes and speciality foods and wine.

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The history of an Old…Bridge

The history of the name “Old Bridge” goes back to1569, when the famous architect Andrea Palladio designed it as a symbol of the town of Bassano del Grappa, where our travel agency is based, in the heart of the Veneto region.

During the terrible battles on Mount Grappa in WWI, Ernest Hemingway was an ambulance driver and after spending many days in Bassano, eventually settled here as part of A Farewell to Arms. Also other American writers spent some days in Bassano during WWI such as Scott Fitzgerald and Dos Passos.

The covered wooden pontoon Old Bridge was destroyed many times, the last one during WWII. The “Alpini“, the elite mountain warfare military corps of the Italian Army, have always revered the wooden bridge and Bassano del Grappa. After the destruction of the bridge, they took up a private collection and had the bridge completely rebuilt. Often soldiers flock to the bridge to remember and sing songs from their days as alpine soldiers. For this reason, the famous bridge is known as “Ponte degli Alpini”.