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Art and culture

Art and culture

The magic of Venice

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” (Truman Capote) Venice is one of the most famous art cities in the world. You will enjoy a typical Venice gondola ride and Serenade tour along…

Art and culture

Possagno: Canova’s birthplace

In Possagno our guests have the chance to visit the Canova Museum and Gallery which houses within the various exhibition buildings numerous collections of the works of the Artist. All over the years the Museum has become a reference…

Art and culture

Like Romeo and Juliet in Verona

Our customers’ trip to the wonderful Veneto region proceeds along Montecchio Maggiore with the aim to go back in time to the most famous Shakespearian characters, Romeo and Juliet, and their love story in the romantic Verona. They have…

Art and culture

Charming Padua

Padua is a unique city, with a thousand treasures to discover. In Padua you can visit the famous Scrovegni Chapel, a masterpiece in the history of painting in Italy and Europe in the 14th century, considered to be the…

Art and culture

Firenze and its Masters

“The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo.” (Mark Twain) During their exclusive travel, our customers will have the chance to visit Florence, one of the most beautiful art cities in Italy. In the Uffizi Gallery Museum, which is…

Art and culture

Asolo: the city of a Hundred Horizons

The pearl of the province of Treviso in the Veneto region is Asolo, a town that is also called “The City of a Hundred Horizons” for its landscapes cherished by Hemingway and Robert Browning, Freya Stark and Eleonora Duse.…

Art and culture

The Human Chess Game in Marostica

An our far from Venice there’s a town which is famous all over the world for the Human Chess Game: it represents the most spectacular event of Marostica’s cultural and folkloristic tradition and one of the most well-known and…