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Charming lights

In the elegant Venice there are well-known Companies with a relevant history in the light sector specialized in art and indoor lighting and Murano chandeliers. They are located in the famous Murano Island where over the years they hav…

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Living Jewellery: not for everybody

Living Jewellery is a magnificent gold necklace created from thousands of tiny faceted gold spheres incorporating twenty revolutionary transparent solar cell gems that emulate photosynthesis, the power of nature, through a magenta dye captured between crystal glass. These shining…

Arts and crafts Home design

Italian Ceramics Chic Living

In the province of Vicenza, in the Venice area, local companies’ products trace out the manual skills and craftsmanship that find their roots in the renowned local pottery tradition to create ceramic objects in classic, modern and contemporary style.…

Arts and crafts Home design

Ceramic art Made In Italy

In the Venice area there is a picturesque town which is named “the village of ceramics”. Here some Italian Companies produce Italian manufactured ceramics which are designed, modeled, manufactured, and finished by expert hands. Moreover, the quality is checked…