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Cookery and territory

Cookery and territory Special

On the roads of flavours

We promote not only speciality foods but also visits to wine estates followed by a superb tasting of the DOC wines and local products on the Road of Italian wines. In these locations, where wine is produced respecting the…

Cookery and territory

Italian art of home baking

In the province of Treviso, the smartest and the most refined city of the Veneto region, there are companies which founded a baking tradition destined to become famous. The key ingredient to this success was a proven and precise…

Cookery and territory

Italian Spirits and Liquors

In the heart of Veneto, the most renowned region for the production of grape marc distillate, artisan distilleries have been working towards a goal: to let people understand and appreciate the kind of love that goes into a bottle…

Cookery and territory

Sunny Italy best olives

Old Bridge embraces the philosophy of healthy living. A central element of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil. Old Bridge’s customers have the chance to visit famous Italian properties, managed by ancient families, where several types of olive oil…

Cookery and territory

Top Quality Wineries

As a territorial marketing company, Veneto Marketing and Old Bridge are linked to the Top Quality Wineries of the territory which promote the ‘DOC Wines’. Their terrain lies at the foot of Asiago Plateau, surrounded by gentle hills covered…

Cookery and territory

Excellent food&beverage

In the Venice area our customers will find Italian Lifestyle Industries for food excellences, one of the most important industrial and handicraft sector in the world. They represent selected groups of small companies working in different sectors of food&wine…

Cookery and territory Tour packages

Flavours from Italy

Duration of the stay: 9 days / 8 nights Participants: minimum 2 people A journey through the picturesque landscapes of Veneto, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna where you can taste wines and precious oils, as well as the excellent food and…