Life is beautiful, Italy is better! This Old Bridge’s maxim.

Old Bridge wants to celebrate the ‘Beautiful Italian Life’ enriched by all the resources linked to the human and economic capital that Italy discloses. Italy is not only speciality foods and wine but also luxury, creativity and design, technological innovation, PASSION.
This is the real occasion to know better Italy’s stunning beauty, specialities and people.

Luxury Jewellery

A dream comes true. The finest yarn with the most precious of metals.
This is the story of a Project promoted by our Company, Veneto Marketing, in which a goldsmith company and three Venetian coopertatives have rebuilt the entire production cycle for real Italian silk.
The said goldsmith company, D’orica, has used the silk yarn, that is as elegant and precious as gold, to create a new collection of unique and exclusive Silk and Gold jewels 100% Made in Italy.

Home Design

Old Bridge is proud of its network wich is born from the experience of Veneto Marketing Company on the territory.
The members of the network are the Italian Companies based mostly in the Venice area, specialized in realizing luxurious internal and external spaces that celebrate the well-known and much appreciated Italian design.
They produce interior furnishing, bathrooms and wellness spas with sustainable materials, for very exigent Italian and International clients.
For our customers we arrange meetings with the members of the companies involved in this network with the purpose of favoring business occasions: Italian companies are open to broaden their horizons towards new markets that appreciate and reach the Italian design.

Luxury Cars

Old Bridge can make dreams come true!
We offer our customers the unique experience of driving cars like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. Our clients will be accompanied to the specific tracks were they will have the chance to drive on luxury well-known cars with a professional driver’s constant support.
These experiences are known to be unforgettable!

Fashion Brands

Old Bridge’s network includes famous fashion brands, known in the world for their creativity and the high quality of their products.
Only in the Veneto Region we can find a high percentage of companies, managed by well-established families, which are leaders in their sector. Some of ours best companies: Diesel, Dainese, Bottega Veneta,…

We will guide our customers on luxury shopping tours with the support of a professional personal shopper in the most famous italian cities for fashion…


Old Bridge is strongly linked with the entrepreneurial network developed by Veneto Marketing Company in its activity over the years of collecting famous brands and startups focused on technology, energy and modern products.
We believe that Technology allows to live better and, for this, we promote those companies that in Italy have genius and capacity in launching new technological products on the market.
Many histories celebrate today the success of well-established Italian families becoming, in this sector, leaders in the world.