Luxurious romantic week Wedding and Honeymoon

Luxurious Puglia


Exclusive charming manor farms situated on pormontories with a view of the Salento countryside. Ancient rural villages surrounded by typical dry stone walls and protected by majestic old olive trees.
Lovely locations where customers can read or listening to music in the shade of a pergola, in total relaxation and privacy.
Gardens of fruits and lush organic cultivations of aromatic plants, with a variety of colours and scents which help to capture the senses and the mind leaving customers enjoy the old time flavours.
Terracotta pottery, ancient buildings, fountains made with local stones to tell the history of ancient Salento rural villages.
Quiet countrysides surround the Residences and let the customers enjoy unforgettable sunrises and sunsets.
In the evening, Turkish baths, saunas and relaxing massages.

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